Entry #2

Home-made SmartWatch

2015-07-18 05:00:40 by RomoBot

Hello there,

recently I completed my first prototype, home made smartwatch.

Using old nokia 5110 lcd screen.

Here's how it looks :
















And You can Play a simple game like :




and it has a cool velcro strap for easy and tight fitting.




The smartwatch is programmed using C++ and is based on avr attmega328 based microcontroller, namely arduino nano. The watch presently has a capability to set brightness, set time (of course) , run a simple survival game,and also supports Bluetooth. It can connect to your smartphone and check for notifications,messages and missed calls.It has a simple to use and understand GUI. More features can be added easily by reprogramming the watch.

It costed around 16$. And remember that I am still in class XII and I made it without using any kits or any professional aids.

You can see a small demo of the smartwatch on : 



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2015-07-18 12:53:25

holy crap yes, it totally seems worth it cause now what you've made is chillin on your wrist at all times. just the way it looks reminds me of a tamagotchi, but do you use C++ often?

RomoBot responds:

Thank You,
and No I don't use C++ often,
I use arduino language for most of the time ..